Pastor Arrested For Playing Down Coronavirus

Police in Kampala, Uganda, have arrested pastor Augustine Yiga of Revival Church, Kawaala, for ‘uttering false information and spreading harmful propaganda’ concerning the deadly coronavirus (Covid-19). Pastor Yiga based in Rubaga division in Kampala, in a video that has since gone viral, claimed that there have been no cases of the disease in Uganda and that the virus is, in any case, just a simple flu. He was apprehended for undermining the Yoweri Museveni government’s efforts to contain it.

This reminds me of a Ugandan, Anglican priest who was on the same university degree course as myself. During one anthropology lecture on the ritual sexual practices of certain African tribes, he stood up and notified the lecturer that they were not and had never been any “homosexuals” in Uganda. The young academic was speechless unlike the Roman Catholic nun who lectured on the Early Church. In one of her classes, he stood up and stated that something she had said about the Eucharistic practice of the first Christians was wrong as it did not align with his evangelical, protestant beliefs. The nun simply told him that he was at a history lecture and that facts were facts whether he liked them or not.

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