Out Of Africa

Shepherd Bushiri, the millionaire leader of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church in South Africa, has stated in a video that the “demonic” coronavirus is targeting only certain people and it will disappear once it has done its job.

He says: “You see, this thing, the coronavirus, there are people who it is targeting. You must know it’s a very demonic thing. When those people who are being targeted are over, it will disappear.”

In another clip, Bushiri said God had instructed him to rebuke the “demon” that could only disappear if the church prayed. He further told his followers they were protected from the virus.

Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, the spiritual director of Adoration Ministry in Nigeria, has denied a trending fake rumour in which he was reported to have provided a solution to the Covid-19 global pandemic. He was said to have told people to find a strand of hair in their bible and put it inside water and then use it to wash their face in order to provide a cure for the coronavirus.

In a statement by the priest on Sunday, Mbaka he maintained that "As a priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, I am not associated with such occultic and satanic utterances or practices in my ministrations. The claim is a handwork of enemies of Adoration Ministry seeking to dent my good image. Those spreading such rumours are agents of darkness, witches and wizards from the pit of hell with a demonic assignment of misleading people over such a global life-threatening pandemic."

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