MadPriest Saves The World

Right, this is what we will do.

Everybody in the world who is over the age of sixty (plus anybody they live with) and everybody in the world who has “underlying health problems,” completely self-isolate for eight weeks. Twenty-five per cent of health workers and fifty per cent of people under the age of sixty also completely self-isolate for four weeks. For those first four weeks, the health workers who are not self-isolating look after the many people who will become sick during this period (making sure anyone who falls ill and those closely connected to them go into immediate quarantine for four weeks) whilst the others who are not self-isolating make sure everything that needs to be working carries on working and that provisions are delivered to the doors of those who are self-isolating (whatever their age). Self-distancing must be practised during this period. At the end of four weeks everyone swaps over except those over the age of sixty and those with “underlying health problems” who remain self-isolating for another four weeks. The twenty-five per cent of health workers who have come out of self-isolating should be enough to look after the sick during the next four weeks as there should, at this point be far fewer cases of coronavirus. Everyone else who has come out of self-isolation look after the needs of those who are now restricted to their homes. At the end of the second four weeks, everyone can come out of self-isolation except those who entered four weeks quarantine during the second four weeks (they will continue to self-isolate until their four weeks is completed).

During the eight weeks and afterwards, until a vaccine is available, everyone is restricted to their home district. Goods will be distributed between areas by drivers who will not leave their cabs when outside of their own district. Goods from abroad will be similarly transported and nobody will be allowed to enter a nation from abroad.

There will have to be extremely draconian punishments for anybody who breaks the quarantine rules.

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