When WOKE Goes Bad

Graham Hill, a visiting research fellow at the University of Leeds' School of Law, has an article published by the academic website, The Conversation, today concerning Asian grooming gangs in England and how ethnicity made authorities wary of investigating the child sexual abuse they were perpetrating. You can read his full essay HERE.

This sandal is the most tragic consequence of the liberal tendency to shut down conversations through shaming. In The Guardian today, there is a vitriolic piece by columnist, Suzanne Moore in which she lays into the actor, Laurence Fox for stating his opinion on the BBC's "Question Time" that the criticism of Meghan was not racist. The title of the article, "I’d never heard of Laurence Fox until he started lecturing us about racism," is indicative of her and many other liberals' methodology of putting down the opposition.

Personally, I think Fox was wrong in his appraisal of the situation, although I believe the racism of the English press is anti-American rather than a colour of skin thing. However, the man is entitled to his opinion and should be free to express it without the massed ranks of the liberal media mafia demonising him as a warning to others who might dare to go off-message.

Laurence Fox's career has more than likely, been seriously damaged by liberal attacks on his character following his comments; no wonder the police are worried about acting in ways that might be deemed as politically incorrect even when the law of the land and their duty to protect dictates that they should.

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