News From Kenya

A Kilifi Bishop, Thomas Kakala of Jesus Cares Centre Ministries, has revealed that the locust invasion being witnessed in several parts of the country is a ‘plague’ that is biblical and was brought by ‘God’ to punish the nation after … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

When WOKE Goes Bad

Graham Hill, a visiting research fellow at the University of Leeds’ School of Law, has an article published by the academic website, The Conversation, today concerning Asian grooming gangs in England and how ethnicity made authorities wary of investigating the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Found In Translation

As reported in The Guardian. Facebook has blamed a technical error for Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s name appearing as “Mr Shithole” in posts on its platform when translated into English from Burmese, apologising for any offence caused and saying the … [CLICK TO READ MORE]