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Justin Welby, the Archbishop of England, used the opportunity of his New Year message this year to say, “Blah blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah-di-blah blah.”

In response, my wife remarked, “Hypocritical bastard.”

She will never forgive them.


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  1. I have seen other ordained and lay ministers- good, Christian people – swept out with the rubbish like yourself; treated appallingly, bullied, abused, sometimes actively ill-treated by the CofE itself (as you have been), and other times passively – not defended when they should have had the Bishop standing in front of them with a sword telling their oppressors to get back – but instead taking the line of least resistance “for the good of the church”.

    It’s not for the good of the church – it’s for the protection of the establishment. It is sickening. No wonder people have lost faith and no longer attend for worship. The slightest hint of an original thought, of a suggestion that Christianity is being put before the hierarchy, that living people are being given precedence over dogma, and the shutters of the church come down and the offender is ostracised.

    It seems it is always the people whose behaviour is the least defensible who are the most strongly defended.