What We Don’t Want Is A Tory Lite Labour Party

There is no need for the Labour Party to ask themselves why they lost to the Torys in Labour heartlands as the answer is simple – Brexit. What they need to do is ask themselves why they held on to seats in Labour heartlands, such as the North Durham constituency I live in and Sunderland which voted big time to leave the E.U. in the Referendum. Obviously, there was something about Corbyn’s manifesto that they liked enough to risk not getting their way on Brexit for.

Blairites would have us believe that working-class voters voted against renationalisation and getting rid of university tuition fees, but they did not. They voted against a second referendum on Brexit and for a stable government as quickly as possible. They do not want a centre-left Labour Party whose MPs would rather hob-nob with advertising executives and super-rich pop-stars than the unemployed at the Durham Miners’ Gala. They want old Labour back, the party that used to champion the rights and aspirations of working people, when they were in work and when they were out of it.

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