My dear friends, it is that time of year when you are bombarded with appeals to your charity by many and various organisations and, once again, I am among that happy band of beggars.

I have been a self-supporting, internet priest since 2010, relying entirely on the generosity of friends to keep my online ministry up and running and my head above water financially speaking. Every month, I receive about five hundred pounds in regular donations and, although this is not a fortune (or even a decent wage), I manage to get by. However, what this regular giving does not cover is the cost of keeping the Saint Laika website online and any big or unexpected bills that come my way. So, twice a year, in June and December, I run extra fundraisers to pay for the big stuff. Christmas is particularly expensive for me as I have to pay my annual website fees on top of all the other expenses incumbent upon this merry season of the year, chief of which is my wife's present.

If you are willing and able to send a bit of your hard-earned (or otherwise) cash my way I really would be very grateful indeed. You can do so by clicking on the PayPal button below and following the instructions. You do not need a PayPal account to make a donation.

Whatever you decide, please keep the Saint Laika online Christian community and me, its minister and administrator, in your prayers and may the joy of the Christ child be with you and yours this Christmas and throughout the coming year.


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