A Blue Boo Hoo Hoo Story

So, there is this film called "Blue Story" that has recently been released. It's about gang culture and boys falling in love with girls and all that. It does not glorify violence. In fact, it sounds like it is an all-black West Side Story sort of deal but, instead of having some of the most beautiful music ever written on its soundtrack, it has some of the worst.

Anyway, some real-life gang members have taken to mobbing cinema's where the film is showing with knives and machetes, causing havoc and fear among the regular patrons. After suffering sixteen such attacks, the management of one cinema chain has decided to stop showing the film, which makes good economic sense if nothing else as footage of machete-wielding fifteen-year-olds attacking police being shown on television could lead to people staying away from cinemas at danger of being targeted by young yobs.

Today, the director of the film, Mr Rapman, is all over the BBC news saying that the withdrawal of the film from being shown is racist; that it is just another example of the white man putting up "hurdles" between himself and the success he so richly deserves.

No, mate. It is no white man's fault that your target audience cannot behave itself like young adults in a modern, democratic nation should behave when in public. Your homeboys have let you down, not "the establishment." They have also let down the managers of the cinema chain who have been proactively encouraging diversity and equality for years. And, anyway, this isn't a racial issue. It just so happens that the badly behaved boys in this situation are predominantly black. Back in the fifties, it was white teddy-boys smashing up the cinemas and scaring the bejeezus out of "ordinary, decent folk" whilst "Blackboard Jungle" was showing on the big screen.

Enough of the inverted racism. Grow up and get real!

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