Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest (on green number-plates)

So, the UK government is proposing that those people rich enough to be able to buy an electric car are going to be rewarded with free parking and permission to drive in bus lanes. Once again those on low incomes are to be penalised just for being poor. The government is choosing to ignore the fact that the less well off often live in tower blocks or, like me, on estates where most of the accommodation has no immediate access to the roadside, let alone a driveway. How the heck is somebody who lives hundreds of yards from where he parks his car supposed to recharge it every night? But, on the whole, this is academic as the poorly paid do not buy new cars as they cannot afford to. They buy secondhand cars which are often ten or more years old. Therefore, it is going to be a decade, at least, before used electric cars become routinely cheap enough for purchase by the poorer members of society.

The middle-class and their middle-class kids, make the most fuss about pollution and climate change and having to do something about it. Bully for them! They can afford to and, furthermore, they obviously intend to gain even more advantage over their hard-up fellow citizens whilst doing so. One thing is for certain, they have absolutely no intention of sacrificing any of their own wealth and political influence so that those less well-off than themselves can afford to "do something" about climate change. The only thing that middle-class liberals are ever prepared to sacrifice is the happiness of those poorer than themselves. But they don't care about this because they believe that everybody poorer than themselves are "stupid" and should STFU and leave them to decide what is best for everybody (meaning "what is best for them").

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