In Which Edric Smashes It

My wife's dog, Edric, won two red rosettes at a dog obedience competition today (in the UK, red beats blue and nothing beats red, this being the correct order of things as ordained by the godheads of all the major religions and Richard Dawkins representing the nonbelievers). He was also given a special rosette to mark his progression from one level of competition to a more advanced one. These accolades are particularly pleasing as Edric has been suffering from debilitating anxiety ever since we lost our eldest collie a year and a half ago. This time last year we were not able to get him into the hall where the competition was taking place but today, not only did he enter the room with his tail wagging, when he completed his round and everyone cheered he ran towards the spectators like a footballer having just scored the winning goal, barking as if to say "I am the greatest!"

My wife is exceedingly happy and I am happy because she is happy.

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