Belt Up!

I needed a new belt to hold up my trousers as my previous one has given up under the strain. So, after doing my weekly shop in Sainsbury's, I popped into Marks and Spencer's to look for one (Marks and Sparks are a long-established British department store that used to be reputable and profitable but who are now no different to anyone else and going bust). At first, every belt I looked at was made in China and I am loathed to support tyranny and unfair trade practices through my purchases, humble as they are (I'm actually with Trump on this one if not exactly for all the same reasons). Eventually, I came across a few belts, more expensive than the rest, that proudly proclaimed they were made of finest Italian leather. "Great," I thought, that is until I checked the small print on the back of the belt that stated that they were still made in China. They actually sourced the leather in Italy, sent it to the sweatshops of China to be cut and have few holes drilled into it, and then shipped it back around the world to England.

I did not buy my belt from them. they deserve to go out of business.

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