The MadGang’s Annual Vacation ( Part The First )

The MadGang are on their annual vacation. This year we are visiting Exmoor on the Somerset / Devon border. My American friends would, no doubt, consider the journey from the northeast to the southwest of England to be a mere trip down the road, but for those of us accustomed to living in a small nation it is a major expedition; one needing a break halfway.

Therefore, we spent a couple of nights on the way down at a campsite on the edge of Wolverley, a quaint village just a couple of miles from the town of Kidderminster. The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal skirts the village as it wends its way from the Black Country west of Birmingham to the River Severn at Stourport; which is where spent most of Sunday before resuming our journey the following day.

We also had a very enjoyable pub meal with my godson and his family on the Sunday evening. The service was incredibly slow but that was fine with me because it meant that we spent more time with our friends than we had expected to.


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  1. Truly gorgeous photographs! I especially like that first one with the church behind the very lovely willow tree.