Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest ( on gun control )

If a miracle happened and the USA banned the civilian ownership of guns, there is no doubt that the number of mass killings would drop considerably and probably to the same sort of number experienced in European nations. However, such an act of communal commonsense would not get rid of any of the reasons why people in the United States feel compelled to go out in a blaze of ignominy. Technically the cliché "guns don't kill people, people do" is correct and even psychopaths need a reason to do murder. It may be that a gun-free America will be content, like England is, to gratefully accept the lack of mass killings and not worry about what would drive people to shoot other people if only they could get their hands on the necessary weaponry. That would, of course, be sad as it would mean that the underlying reasons why ordinary people crack and commit unthinkable crimes will be left to fester away when there is every chance that, properly addressed, they could be relieved of their destructive impetus. For example, it may be that, at least in part, the recent mass killing in Texas could have been avoided if the penalty for losing one's job in the USA was not to be rendered near destitute because of a cruel and inadequate welfare system. There will be other "ordinary" reasons for the meltdown of those who become "shooters," and most of them will be the result of a nation's unwillingness to look after its own who are hurting. If America ever does succeed in ridding itself of its citizen's addiction to guns I really do hope that, unlike my nation, it proceeds from there to ridding itself of the actual causes of the anguish that drives people to commit such terrible crimes.

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