Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest ( prorogue and be damned )

What the MPs who are calling for no “no-deal” actually want is a deal that is so close to still being in the EU, and just as expensive, that the UK electorate, worn down by all the political shenanigans of the last few years, ends up deciding to give up and cancel all plans to leave. This is fine. It would be an honourable position to take if only those who are pursuing it had the honour and the courage to admit it instead of claiming that it is only those who want to leave the EU who have an agenda for which they are prepared to stretch our democratic traditions to near breaking point, in order to prevail.

The truth is that nobody involved has broken the law and absolutely everybody is prepared to bend it to their own advantage. So I really wish that politicians and commentators alike would stop all the fake surprise, shock and offence taking. They all jumped into the cesspit of their own accord, nobody pushed anybody.

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