Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest ( on xenophobia )

Racism is normal. It is those people who claim not to be racist who are weird. Human beings are hard-wired to be xenophobic and this is a trait they share with the majority of species within the animal kingdom. We are inherently distrustful of and antagonistic towards strangers and for most of the time that homo-sapiens have been trying to survive on this planet the more racist we were the more likely we were to prosper. Being racist is no different in kind to being scared of the dark. Racism gave us an evolutionary advantage over more trusting competitors. It wasn't until some of our ancestors started moving into cities that we had to learn to get on with people who didn't smell like our own family members and, even then, we didn't get rid of our racist tendencies. We simply increased our understanding of "us" to embrace the tribe and eventually the nation. This is something that people who campaign against racism need to accept and understand if they wish to make the nations more tolerant of "the other." Regarding racists as subhuman is wrongheaded as they are perfectly human. The aim should be to persuade them to become super-human, to go against their own instinctive nature. This is, in essence, what Jesus Christ calls on us to do. We are to become children of God rather than remain the children of nature. Putting the welfare of someone else before our own is stupid but that's what God insists we do. It's difficult though, very difficult and we are always failing. Genetic coding is a bugger to override.

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