Passing Thought Of A MadPriest ( Boris )

This my official prediction re the next few months in British politics.

Boris will be no more successful than Mrs May in getting his way in Parliament. So, he will call a general election. His Conservative Party will win a landslide victory because he will attract the votes of many previous Labour Party supporters who voted to leave the E.U. as well as the majority of conservative supporters (a few business people who want to stay in the E.U. may vote for the Lib. Dems., but not enough to cause any substantial upset). Boris will also attract Brexit Party supporters as he is a more charismatic populist than Farage.

The Remainer vote will be split between the Labour Party, the Lib. Dems., the Green Party and the Scottish Nationalists. This will be the singular most decisive factor in the massive Tory victory. UKIP and Change UK will win fewer votes than the Monster Raving Loony Party (well, maybe not, but you get my drift, I'm sure).

With an eminently workable majority in the House of Commons, Boris will be able to withstand any Remainer or "no-deal" rebellion among his own backbenchers (his front bench will have been chosen by him for their loyalty to him).

The U.K. will leave the E.U. without a deal and Remainers in Parliament will ask, "Why the fuck didn't we pass Mrs May's deal when we had the chance?"

And the Speaker of the House will reply, "Because you are a bunch of twats. Order! Order!"

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