Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest ( on political opponents )

Most of Trump's supporters are scared and Trump addresses their fears. Not only do Democrats not address their fears they stigmatise them. The same happened in England where liberal arrogance and their method of silencing the expression of working-class fears through stigmatisation led to the Brexit vote. If Trump's supporters have become racist then calling them racist is only going to make them less likely to turn their backs on racism. By all means, name the beast in the White House but do not make permanent enemies out of temporary ones. It's like evangelism. Winning one soul for Jesus being of equal worth to winning a thousand. Turning one Trump supporter from fascism is worth everything, even in practical terms as it might mean one less insult hurled at a black person or perhaps one less dead black child. Anyway, it's not within our God-given remit to write anyone off.

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