Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest (On Unhappy Endings)

I've just finished a book which ends with the bad guy winning and an innocent man being framed for multiple murders. I hate books that do that. In real life, the bad guy always wins and the good guy loses everything and if I wanted to read books about real life I would buy non-fiction. In fact, the book, although well written, has simply drawn my attention back to the shittiness of my life and reminded me of the people who stitched me up and betrayed me (a bishop, an archdeacon and a rural dean being top of that particular list). I spend lots of effort suppressing such thoughts so that I can limp through life and then some writer decides to fuck with convention and pushes them all back to the surface. Books should have warnings on the front if they do not end with evil back in its box with the lid nailed down.

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