Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

I think that every time a person goes to the park in the middle of winter they should be given a coupon and that every time a person wants to enter the park during the summer they should have to hand over one of these coupons. Our local park at the moment is overrun with mummies with children in tow and large women in lycra wobbling around the place putting everyone off their Mr Whippys. It's getting increasingly difficult to find a clear space to throw my dog's frisbee without risking the decapitation of a pre-teen.

I must say, I do feel sorry for today's kids, having their mums following them around everywhere they go. How can they get to do all the wonderfully dangerous things we used to get up to in parks when we were young with their mothers constantly telling them not to do stuff because they might break their necks. Also, I would have died of embarrassment if my mother had turned up and acknowledged me as her own when I was with my mates. No wonder young people cannot pick their own noses without full parental instruction nowadays. We've created a generation of over-dependent wussies.

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