Ashamed Of The Gospel

This is headline is from the Australian edition of "The Guardian." Would they have gone with the sweeping generalisation if it was a group of hardline, hate-filled Muslims raising the cash?

"Israel Folau donations soar past $2m – as Australian Muslim Lobby cashes in."

No. They certainly would not have done because as soon as it hit the news-stands they would have been bombarded with complaints from their liberal readership, all insisting that the hardliners do not represent Islam and that most, ordinary Muslims, do not believe that "homosexuals" are sinners who going to burn in hell for all eternity.

We know that there is, that there has been for a long time, an unorganised campaign by secular humanists in the media and academia to ridicule Christianity and to persuade the public that Christianity is a hate-filled religion rather than the love-centred faith preached by Jesus Christ. The sad thing is that Christians who adhere to the gospel of love are so full of guilt, self-loathing and embarrassment in respect of actions and beliefs for which they are not personally or communally responsible, that they refuse to challenge the deliberately negative stereotyping of Christians employed by the secular liberal media and other talking heads of the contemporary Western zeitgeist. Our shame over the hatred spewed out by bigots, who justify their nastiness by claiming that God is just as nasty as they are, is seen by non-Christians as shame for believing in Jesus Christ and his gospel and, to be honest, it too often is.

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