Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest ( On Football )

It strikes me that flying two English football teams and thousands of their fans over to Spain to play each other and then fly them all the way home again the next day, is not exactly contributing in any positive way in our battle to halt global warming. Seriously; one Tottenham fan had flown all the way from the west coast of the United States, not to attend the match, but to simply watch it on TV with other ticketless fans in a north London pub, "for the atmosphere."

International sport is not necessary. Until we sort the earth's atmosphere out sport should be restricted to the local, national at the most and all air travel to games should be prohibited, even for the teams. Long distance car travel to matches should also be discouraged.

Of course, all unnecessary air travel should be banned. For example, that rude man who is running the United States at the moment most certainly does not need to fly to England this week. Our beloved queen is old and it is not worth risking even the faintest possibility that the last thing she gazes upon in her long and noble life is Donald Trump's orange-hued visage. Mrs May has suffered more than enough recently as well, even for a Tory.

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