Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest ( Inequality )

Every decade or so a cry goes out in England that a woman should run the country because she will be so much better at the housekeeping. So we vote one in only to find that women are just as shite as men at running the economy.

I think we should appoint a four-year-old child as Chancellor of the Exchequer. Research has shown conclusively that kids of that age have a natural and very strong instinct for moral fairness. Experiments have shown that they will willingly volunteer to give something to another child so that they both have the same amount of it. When they are shown a video of one person having a lot more than another person they respond with indignation.

Blatant and obscene inequality is rife throughout the world. We should be very angry about this and yet we moan a bit online and then do nothing practical to remedy the situation.

We are such fools.

Read more about the growing wealth gap between the rich and the poor at The Guardian.

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