News From South Africa

From "The Sowetan"

Congregants at Christ the King Anglican Church in Tembisa, South Africa, locked the church's main entrance yesterday demanding that their priest vacate his position. When Father Mpho Masekela arrived at the church for the service early yesterday he was greeted by posters placed on the fence that read: "From 2003 to 2019, it is enough". Other posters demanded, "Go home please."

When Sowetan visited the church yesterday, cars were parked outside the church and children were running around the premises. The angry congregants stood outside in their traditional black and white uniform. Some were tired and simply laid down on the grass.

"We have a problem with Father. He has been here for too long," said one of the congregants. "He arrived in 2003. He was supposed to leave us after five years. That is what happens to all priests. Now, he has become very arrogant even when he preaches. He talks to us as if we are little children. We have endured a lot under his arrogance. He has become too arrogant and it is unbearable. He has become reckless."

But the congregants could not give direct examples of his arrogance and recklessness.

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