Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest – Notre Dame Edit.

It does not matter how much money is spent and it does not matter if the workers are the most skilled in the world, Notre Dame Cathedral will never be restored to how it was before the fire because it cannot be. What was, a sacred space imbued with antiquity, is no more and whatever replaces it will be something different. Those who visit it in the future will know they are in a new building and will react to the space differently to how they would have reacted to the original building.

From a psychological point of view, it may be healthier for those who loved the Notre Dame cathedral, that was but is no more, to grieve for it as if it was a dead friend rather than pretending it is still alive. Personally, I think that the remains of the old church should be torn down and that a new edifice to the glory of God and celebrating the skills of contemporary human artisans should be created; a new birth rather than restoration as was achieved in the rebuilding of Saint Paul's following the Great Fire of London and Saint Michael's following the Coventry blitz.

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