Ex-Pope Attempts To Make Excuses For the Inexcusable

The retired priest formerly known as Pope Benedict XVI has written a lengthy letter devoted to clerical sex abuse in which he attributes the crisis to a breakdown of church and societal moral teaching and says he felt compelled to assist "in this difficult hour."

The six thousand word letter decries the 1960s sexual revolution, laments the secularisation of the West and describes seminaries filled with "homosexual cliques."

"Why did paedophilia reach such proportions?" Benedict asks. "Ultimately, the reason is the absence of God."

He is, of course, completely and utterly wrong. Far from helping, he is making matters much worse. His attempt to remove the blame from abusive priests and their protectors in high places and to place it on society and gay men is an insult to those who have been abused by priests and bishops over the years. He is a festering remnant of a hierarchy that put the reputation of the Roman Catholic Church before the children of the Church. He should STFU.

The truth is that people in positions of power, male and female, straight and gay, of all races and of all creeds, have been sexually abusing those who they should have been caring for, without doubt from the beginning of the human race. They have always done so of their own volition in the knowledge that what they were doing was evil. The only mitigating circumstances that some of them can claim for their actions is that they were, themselves, abused as children. There have not been more cases of priestly abuse since the 1960s than before the 1960s. What has happened is that the victims have started to speak out and condemn their abusers. It was probably the ending of mindless respect for so-called authorities that began during the 1960s that has enabled and empowered them to do so.

God will forgive all who truly repent. Ratzinger and his like in the Roman Catholic Church have, it is obvious, no intention of owning up to any wrongdoing.

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