The Rich Man In His Beemer, The Poor Man On The Bus

I've been checking train prices today. It is cheaper for me to drive my gas-guzzling car from the top of England to London and back than it is for me to buy a standard, return rail ticket purchased at the most advantageous price beforehand. And that is with just me in the car. If I drove to London with four passengers it would work out ridiculously cheaper than all of us going by train. Yet we are being told by the liberal elite that we must use public transport rather than our cars.

To encourage us to do this we are going to be charged for taking our cars into city centres (Newcastle is a definite for this). Except, not everybody will be charged. People, like the mayor of London who can afford to buy a brand new car and fly around the world polluting the atmosphere whenever they fancy a break, will be exempt from the tax whilst those of us who drive old bangers because we can't afford anything newer and less polluting will be charged the full whack.

Basically, these clean air initiatives will be paid for by the hard-up who will end up without personal transport and having to pay the stupidly high public transport prices whilst the liberal bourgeoisie will drive their expensive but environment-friendly cars around our inner cities getting in the way of the busses that the poor and low-paid are stuck with.

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