Don’t Let Your Wife-Beating Become A Habit!

Earlier today, Dr. Abdul Aziz Al Ansari, a Qatari preacher and social media personality, posted a now-restricted YouTube video that teaches men "the right way to beat their wives." In his "tutorial" Dr. Abdul claims there's an "Islamic way" to beat women without physically harming them.

"Before a husband beats his wife, he should advise her, then refuse to sleep with her and if all that doesn't work, then we resort to beatings," he said.

"What's a beating in Islam? A man must make his wife feel that he's strong by raising his voice. Then he can slap her around lightly, very gently. This is what beating is like in Islam, it's not right how some people do it with shoves and hard slaps," he added.

In the first few seconds of the video, Al Ansari warns men against "regularly" beating their wives, suggesting it's OK as long as it doesn't become a habit.

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