Or The Nearest Sunday

From The Herts Advertiser

On the twenty-fourth of March this year, residents of Colney Heath were surprised to come across a group of druids practising their arcane rituals in the middle of their village. It transpired that members of the Chiltern Nemeton Grove, who are normally to be found in the Chilterns, had chosen to hold their Spring Equinox celebrations in Colney Heath because a member of the group used to live there. They welcomed in the new season by leading a meditative walk, holding hands in a circle, reading poems, singing, and playing instruments. They also hung a biodegradable offering on a tree.

Druid priest Paul Sandford, who founded the grove in 2000, said: “In the walking meditation, each time we put our feet on the earth we become mindful of the flora, fauna and animals, and of their spiritual life forces. We try to connect with them in our feet and honour the life forces of everything at that particular locality. In druidry, magic is in nature itself. When the sun and the moon rise and we see the seasons change, to us, the magic is natural. We are not witches in that way. We revere the magical forces in nature and even evolution to us is sacred because it is part of nature and it inspires us.”

Although the Spring Equinox was on the twentieth of March, Chiltern Nemeton Grove met up the following Sunday for practical reasons.

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