Natural Prayer

From “The Soul of Prayer” by P. T. Forsyth, 1848–1921 We touch the last reality directly in prayer. And we do this not by thought’s natural research, yet by a quest not less laborious. Prayer is the atmosphere of revelation, … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

News From Liberia

As reported by “Front Page Africa” In January this year, Bong County Senator Henry Yallah told youths of Gbarnga who called on him to re-contest in 2020 senatorial election that he would wait for divine direction before declaring his intent. … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

News From Kenya

From “The Daily Nation” Following accusations that corrupt leaders were turning churches into avenues of laundering money obtained illegally from public coffers, The Evangelical Alliance of Kenya has vowed to continue accepting money from politicians. Bishop Kepha Omae, presiding Bishop … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

News From South Africa

From “The Sowetan” Congregants at Christ the King Anglican Church in Tembisa, South Africa, locked the church’s main entrance yesterday demanding that their priest vacate his position. When Father Mpho Masekela arrived at the church for the service early yesterday … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Moon Shot

I was sad to read, whilst I was away, that, somewhat reflecting God’s chosen people’s entry into Canaan, Beresheet, the Israeli lunar probe, crashed into the moon rather than landing gently on it. However, all is not lost; lessons have … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

The Wild One

From “The Preached God: Proclamation in Word and Sacrament” by Gerhard O. Forde, 1927-2005 We suffer today from what might be called decadent pietism. It can be called a pietism because it is very sincere, religious and heartfelt. Its decadence … [CLICK TO READ MORE]