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In a recent interview with "The Whistler" website, the Reverend Prince U. Ukpai of the Presbyterian Church of Nigeria claimed that while pastors are not expected to be involved in immoral acts, it is unreasonable to think that they cannot fall to adultery. The truth of this statement has been proved over and over again and cannot be disputed. What is suspect is the veracity of Ukpai's secondary claim, that all male adultery is the fault of their wives. Insisting that the wife should be blamed if a pastor goes into adultery, he said it is difficult for a sexually satisfied man to commit adultery.

"Any pastor who is involved in extra-marital affairs we should ask his wife. She may be the cause of it. Speaking as a man and a pastor, look out to all the men who are doing well in their churches and check out their wives. When a woman has constituted herself into the devil, what do you expect him to do?"

Referring to the wives of church ministers he went on to say, "You only want the man to look at your face but you never cared to look at his own face to ask him what is the matter, knowing fully well that the man has not done exercise (you starved him of sex), and your mind still tells you all is well, then you are a foolish woman.

"That is the reason am calling out all the woman to advise pastors wives and other women who deliberately feel that they can starve their husbands. I call out every sister, Godly mothers in churches to pray for your pastors and counsel your pastors’ wives. Please feed your man, feed him, place him on maximum exercise (sex). Even when you are praying and fasting if he demands it break your fast and feed him."

Giving reasons why it has to be so, he said the man’s anatomical and physiological makeup is not the same as the woman.

“A woman may stay for some time without having routine exercise (sex), but a man is not configured that way. It’s like a bucket that once the water fills you have to turn it. If the bucket is full and you don’t remove it, it will start spilling and it must touch the ground. That is why many men are involved in masturbation.”

Mary Ogbe, a hair stylist in Abuja, agrees with Reverend Ukpai.

“A lot of things can make them fall. When they are not spiritually grounded and lack self-control. Also, when their wives do not perform very well or deny him of sex. I think the wife should be blamed for any man of God having an extramarital affair."

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