Passing Thoughts Of A Mad Priest

I spent some time this evening going through the "what's on" leaflets that I picked up at Newcastle Library last Friday. With the exception of the programme at the main, popularist theatre in town, all the plays being performed this spring and summer are tediously worthy, politically correct, woke. It's just as bad on TV at the moment; even the most vacuous of dramas (I'm thinking "Midsomer Murders" and "Silent Witness," that sort of thing) contain agitprop heavyhandedly inserted into the storyline.

To be honest I am fed up with being lectured. I crave the lingerie, fallen down trousers and innuendo of the agendaless farces that we were allowed to openly enjoy in that time before comedy became piously alternative. Furthermore, I am suspicious of the motives of those who are shoving all this rectitude down our throats. Why are they bothered what we think? What is in it for them? There is always something in it for them and it is normally money. I get a distinct impression that us plebs are being lined up as cannon fodder again and the generals of the liberal elite are pummeling us into compliance so that we don't make a fuss when, after we help them achieve what they want, they discard us and leave us for dead on the no man's land of the global economy.

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