A Wolf In Shepherd’s Clothing

The Vatican Treasurer, Cardinal George Pell, the third most senior Roman Catholic in the world, has been convicted in Australia, on five charges of child sexual assault, including rape

Mr Pell not only hurt the children referred to in this criminal case, but he also hurt many other people when he was throwing his weight around as a senior fixer for the Roman Catholic hierarchy. He removed good priests from their parishes and ruined their vocations and lives because he did not like the compassionate way they thought and practised their ministry. He covered up sexual abuse perpetrated by other priests, probably because he feared he would be exposed as a sexual predator himself. He used his position of authority to spread lies, such as claiming, vociferously, that humans are not responsible for climate change. He is a bad man. He has been a bad man for a long time. I, along with many others, have been calling him a bad man for nearly fifteen years now. Not that I am claiming any special gift of discernment in respect of this as it was always blatantly obvious that he was a fake shepherd. The only love he has is love for himself. It is tragic beyond measure that this hateful, hate-filled man has pursued his godless, unlovely agenda pretending to be a servant of the God of love.

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