Just Shop The Perps – Job Done!

he National Catholic Reporter states, "One of the most pressing questions about the clergy sexual abuse crisis is how the church should deal with bishops who are accused of covering up allegations of abuse or who have committed abuse themselves."

Why is anybody even asking this question?!!!

The way any church, business or institution should deal with it is to simply report them to the police straight away and provide the authorities with all the access, assistance and paperwork that they ask for without quibbling. Not only is this the right thing to do it also gets rid of the problem of church officials feeling the understandable urge that they should give their mates the benefit of the doubt or protect their church from scandal.

How do they make sure this rule is adhered to? Easy. Make ignoring it punishable by automatic excommunication. Heck, if they can do that to divorcees I am sure that could find the theological justification to do it to child molesters and rapists.

Oh and another thing. If accusations are reported to the police and they turn out to be fake and malicious, then the police have the option to prosecute the accuser which churches cannot do outside of Vatican City. It really is a win-win solution.

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