Playing The Antisemitism Card

The Times of Israel reports that Education Minister Naftali Bennett has accused an unspecified US congresswoman of being antisemitic, in what appeared to be a response to a recent tweet by freshman Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota suggesting that Jewish money was behind American elected officials’ support for Israel.

“There is a growing legitimacy to openly express anti-Semitism,” he told American Jewish leaders at a summit of the Conference of Presidents of American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem. “This congresswoman is an anti-Semite, loud and clear.

Now, I very much doubt that Ilhan Omar is a big fan of the State of Israel and I fully understand why that should be the case. She may or she may not hate Jewish people. However, claiming that the Israeli government attempts to buy influence within the governments of other nations is not antisemitic, nor is it controversial or untrue. Every nation who can afford to does it, along with big business and other powerful interest groups. If Ilhan Omar is guilty of antisemitism than I am guilty of anti-Christianism because I sure as heck believe that powerful evangelical groups in the USA use bribery in an attempt to make sure that enough American politicians, right up to and including the president, dance to their particular tune.

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