The (Un)Cooperative Bank

I'm having some dental work done tomorrow which will cost a bit more than what I have in my current account at the moment. I have a small emergency fund set aside in a limited access account which, so I cannot access it willy nilly, I have to go to a branch office to draw out. So, today I drove into town, went into my bank and asked them to transfer some of my savings to my current account. The cashier smiled at me and then told me that they couldn't do it because the link between the two accounts was "down" throughout the country and they didn't know when it would be repaired. I went home and rang my bank's head office only to be told they could do nothing either for the same reason. This is extremely embarrassing and I hate being embarrassed.

I remember the days when computers were not commonplace, not even in banks. I can think of no situation back then in which any bank would not be able to transfer any amount of money from one account to another and it would have all have done by hand and written down on paper. So, tell me, how exactly is what we have got now progress?

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