Let This Body Die

From “Tomorrow's Child” by Rubem Alves

We need a fresh start. We need to rebuild civilisation upon a new foundation. It is not enough that we become fatter. Our world needs a new body; it must be regenerated in the etymological sense of the word, be created again. The old body must die if life is to be preserved in a new one. For man‘s body is much more than his own limited organism; it is the whole civilisation we have created in order to make existence possible. Biblical language affirms that for life to be preserved, the body, which has grown old and senile, which has ceased to be an instrument for the expression of life and now functions to repress it, must be dissolved. It has to die. This is what gives life a chance to create a new body for itself. It is then resurrected in another form. Society, organisation, civilisation, culture: these are our limbs, the extensions of our biological structure. They have become oppressive and repressive: they act counter to the groaning of life for freedom and expression. The faster they grow. the greater the repression. This body must be dissolved if life is to have a chance to create a new one. We have to go through death and resurrection. We need to be born again.

To let this body die is to dissolve the rules of life as they have been established by past generations. The dead must not rule the world of the living. And only beyond the dissolution of the old. now hopelessly enmeshed in its internal contradictions. can a new synthesis be created.

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