The Divine Information Superhighway

I believe in a God who deals with things as they are. I do not believe in the magical or supernatural. I do believe in those things that God does that we call miraculous. However, I believe they are achieved in a scientifically possible way. Central to my thinking is the concept that everything is made up of information and vitally so in respect to life. The miraculous, as I have written before, is the rearrangement of information. In the same way that a child may take a Lego model of a house to pieces and then make a robot out of those pieces, God may reduce matter to its basic blocks of information and then build them into something new. By far the most important example of this is the resurrection of the body. Physics tells us that information cannot be destroyed. It persists and will do forever. Therefore, the bringing back together of the blocks of information that make up our lives, our memories and experiences, our consciousness, to recreate us in a new place within the cosmos at any point of time beyond our deaths is a scientific possibility; much more so than souls, which we cannot scientifically observe, leaving our dead bodies to exist in a world we cannot scientifically observe.


The Divine Information Superhighway — 2 Comments

  1. Bishop Nicholas Knisely of Rhode Island (who is also an astrophysicist) has pointed out that the identity of one’s body cannot be based upon the physical material of which it is composed, because that is continuously being replaced. Almost none, if any, of the atoms and molecules in your body were there ten years ago. What gives your body its identity is the pattern in which those atoms and molecules are arranged, which correlates very well with what you say.

  2. Yes. Resurrection from information means that the resurrection body is not tied to the earthly body at the time of its death and is not made impossible by cremation or rotting away.