Brexit Comment

As both May and Corbyn want to honour the British public's decision to leave the E.U., the sensible course of action would be for the two of them to agree on a deal that the remaining E.U. members might accept even if that deal was entirely Corbyn's wishlist. Of course, it would probably be voted down by Labour MPs who want to overturn the referendum result but I think it would stand more of a chance of getting through Parliament than May's defeated deal ever did.

Sadly, Corbyn would more than likely refuse to cooperate as his main aim seems to be to force a general election. Personally, I believe that even if Labour was to win a general election the mathematics would still be the same and we would be no further on.

Perhaps a hard Brexit is the only option available. If so, we should just do it and move on into whatever the future may hold for us. At least, it would be what those who voted to leave the E.U. wanted as I doubt that any of them voted to leave with a deal. They just wanted out.

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