The Saint Laika Christmas Appeal 2018: Update

I have not mentioned this year's fundraiser for a while as I don't like to be pushy. However, even without ramming it down your throat every day your donations have continued to come in. I am very pleased to announce that the total raised has now reached a very respectable £538.85 ($684.17). Thank you, Jonathan, Timothy, Jennifer, Andrew, James, Michael, Michelle, Ellie, Rebecca, Nick, BarbieAnn and Dora. You are wonderful human beings.

Every year I set the target at £1000 and every year we just fail to reach it. But perhaps we will this time if the current amount raised is indicative of how things will end up. Please, if (and only if) you can afford to, consider making a donation to my ministry as an online priest. Here is the campaign blurb, including details concerning how to donate:

Dear friends of Saint Laika's and mates of MadPriest, once again it is that time of year when I come to you, cap in hand, to ask you to consider making a donation to keep my online Christian ministry afloat and to make my Christmas a happier one than it would be without your help.

My work at the Saint Laika website and the Saint Laika Facebook page is my fulltime ministry and the donations I receive from my friends who support me are my only source of income. I receive around five hundred pounds a month which is okay for my day to day expenses but not enough to cover unexpected bills and times of increased spending such as Christmas. Therefore, I run two specific appeals a year, one in June and one in December, to raise much needed extra cash.

Through the 2018 Christmas Appeal, I hope to raise enough money to cover my website costs (£150ish), a ten-week course of therapy as I am mentally not too good at the moment (£400 exactly) and the money to buy my wife a really cool Christmas present and a first-rate Christmas dinner, as without her support through thick and thin I would be dead by now, no doubt about it.

To contribute towards this fundraiser please use one of the PayPal buttons below (one is for US dollars and the other is for GB pounds). You can use either, whatever country you live in and you do not need to set up your own PayPal account to make a donation.

Thank you, my friends. You really are top people.





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