Bruce Molsky

I am excited. This is unusual. Most of the time I am either extremely bored or frightened. I have to force myself to do even the most mundane of things, such as brushing my teeth or going to the shops as I just can't be bothered. Instead of looking forward to going out socially for the evening, I spend all day dreading it. But sometimes something comes along that is so special that my excitement actually out-competes my fear and lethargy.

Tonight, we have tickets to see Bruce Molsky in concert in the small hall at the Sage, Gateshead.

Bruce is, in my opinion (and in the opinion of many others), the most skilful and entertaining performer of Appalachian fiddle music alive today. Getting to see him play live in a small venue is the folk equivalent of having Martha Argerich perform for you in your front room. To put it simply, we are going to be in the presence of a virtuoso tonight. I am prepared to be amazed.

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