Vive La Différence ( Or Not )

I am receiving mixed messages. I am constantly being told by women that the difference between men and women is purely cosmetic, that in all other ways they are the same. There is no difference between a woman's brain and a man's brain. Femininity is something that is instilled in females in their childhood; the love of pink is nurture, not nature. Anything a man can do, a woman can do and she will be equally competent (or incompetent) at doing it.

However, I am also constantly being told by women that women are different, intrinsically, inherently different. That they think differently, do things in a different way to how men would do them. That when they do a job it is different from the way men would do that job. The feminine is so different that it has its own "ism." Sisters are doing it for themselves and don't we know that it's different for girls?

This paradox is made even more confusing, at least confusing for me, when media lesbians like Hannah Gadsby (see photograph) start complaining about men trying to align themselves with the #MeToo movement. She seems to be insisting that women are different creatures to men but she is obviously as different to most women as most men are, that is if women are different to men.

So are women defined only by the bits of their body that are different to male bits (we have to ignore intersex people because they really screw up the whole binary, us versus them thing that underpins contemporary victim culture) or are they also defined by neurological traits that heterosexual women and lesbians share but men do not?

Post Script: Yes, before one of you says it (as one of you always does), I am being provocative but only in a provoking comment about something other than how awful Donald Trump is and what you had for dinner, sort of way.

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