Same As It Ever Was; Same As It Will Always Be

The natural and inherited instinct of human beings for self-preservation and the successful propagation of their own bloodline is so strong that we will never live in a world which is, in any sensible definition of the word, fair and in which people are not made unhappy by the acts of other people seeking to increase their own happiness. We can, collectively and individually, decrease the amount of avoidable suffering but the proportion of the human race who are prepared to voluntarily reduce their standard of living to a truly sacrificial extent, when coupled with the somewhat larger proportion of the human population who pursue excessive prosperity at the expense of others, means that we are doing no more, figuratively speaking, than sticking a plaster on a severed leg.

I am having serious problems coping with the fact that I am alive in such a nasty world and that I have never had the moral strength to do what I intellectually know every person should do if needless suffering is to be eliminated from the human and animal experience of life.

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