Ignorance Is No Defence

If an engineer was advised by many independent experts on bridge design that the bridge he was building was unsafe, but he refused to believe them and carried on the construction according to his original design, and if the bridge collapsed after its completion, killing many people who were crossing it at the time, the engineer would be guilty of criminal negligence and should be prosecuted and punished accordingly. The fact that the engineer did not believe what he had been told would be no defence.

Donald Trump's refusal to accept the reality of man-made climate change, even though evidence of its existence has been made available to him by many expert climatologists, is an act of criminal negligence against humanity and, if more people lose their lives because of climate change, he should be arrested and tried in the International Criminal Court for constructive genocide. Those who, wherever they live in the world, lose property in the future due to climate change, should be compensated for their loss by the American government along with all other national legislatures that are not acting to reduce carbon emissions even though they have been advised by experts to do so.

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