The Colour Of Reporting

I notice that the BBC news channel has, of late, been providing us with colour coordinated reporting. If there is an item concerning black people then a black person presents it; an Asian item will be presented by an Asian reporter from an appropriate ethnicity and so on. In fact, this trend is not just restricted to race as news concerning disabled issues will, more than likely, be brought to us by a person in a wheelchair and, of course, women's stuff by a woman. There is even an advert on the BBC at the moment that suggests that news items about children should be presented by children.

I hate this heavy-handed and tediously obvious political correctness. Furthermore, far from helping us come closer to each other, it emphasises difference and promotes tribalism. What the BBC should be doing is sending black people to report on disabled matters, Asian reporters to investigate African news items and disabled men to report on the latest campaign by feminists. They should be doing this accidentally, not deliberately, as if it is the most natural thing in the world, because it sure as hell should be.

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