Fake Christianity

This man was instrumental in my sacking and helped engineer a situation that led to me leaving my parish as a hated man by fabricating a narrative of events that was based on an incident that did not happen (not that did not happen in the way he said it did but did not happen at all because, for starters, those allegedly involved were not even there).

The last thing I said to him was, "But do you believe that the Bishop has a duty of care towards me?"

To which he replied, "No."

And that was that. I never heard from a member of the clergy of the Church of England again and, certainly, nobody ever contacted me to check on my welfare or spiritual wellbeing, not even the parish priests of the places I have lived in since. This is exactly how much Christians love each other. What the top clergy claim is a lie. They are fakes and the new dean of Newcastle Cathedral is no exception in my experience.

The secret to a successful career in the Church of England is to not give a damn about anyone else but yourself and the person who can give you your next promotion.

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