And God Created Woman

Here's a story, started on the first day:
on the first day, there was darkness all around
till the boss man shout let there be sunshine,
yes, the big man said let his light shine down.

On the next day, he built the endless skyway
and on the same day, he made the oceans blue.
Then the big man decided he'd make the high ground
and on the third day the trees and flowers he grew

It took two days to make the stars and moon shine,
bright wing birds and all the fishes too.
It was hard work to fill the skies and the ocean
and by the sixth day I figured he was through

That's when the big man made the little man
and all the animals but he saved the best for the last.
Cause the boss man knew the little man would be lonesome
so he writhed one rib bone and he worked while the little man asked.

And on the last day, the boss was mighty tired
as he looked around up and down the line.
But a big smile spread across his broad face
when he saw a woman and he saw that it was fine.

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