Nice But Dim Archbishop Screws Up In Public Again

Bishop Justin has shown up the Church of England as a bunch of "scribes and Pharisees" once again.

According to The Guardian newspaper, "In a speech to the Trades Union Congress in Manchester, Justin Welby criticised firms such as Amazon for paying 'almost nothing' in taxes and branded the so-called gig economy and zero-hours contracts as 'the reincarnation of an ancient evil'.

"However, it has now been revealed that at least two Church of England cathedrals are advertising jobs on zero-hours contracts, while the church has confirmed that the retailer Amazon is one of its twenty biggest investments worldwide."

You have to feel sorry for him. Like all Church of England bishops, he simply accepts that how he says we should all behave bears no relationship whatsoever to how his own company carries on. Of course, lay members of the C. of E. are fully aware that the lifestyle choices recommended by the clergy, week in week out, in their sermons and other communications, are not to be taken seriously. Preaching is pantomime, nothing more. Unfortunately, the godforsaken general public is no longer in on the joke, so to speak, and, so, misunderstandings like this are occurring increasingly more often.

Of course, Justin could have worded his attack on modern capitalism in such a way that the people of England would have applauded him for his courage and honesty. He could have included his own church within the entourage of the beast he was attacking. In other words, he could have been prophetic. However, as a functionary of an institution that, as a matter of course, exiles its truth-tellers and whistleblowers to the wilderness (damage limitation that he has willingly joined in with himself in the past) he was, no doubt, reluctant to play such a self-sacrificial card. Better to be called a hypocrite by all than to be taken off the Buckingham Palace Garden Party guest list.

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