Bishop Of Glasgow To Stop Pretending

I notice that the bishop of Glasgow is stepping down on the eleventh of October. A few years back I drove all the way from Newcastle Upon Tyne to the centre of Glasgow, at my own expense, to talk to him about moving into his diocese. Towards the end of the interview, I foolishly told him about the bigotry I had been subjected to by senior members of my diocese whilst I was suffering from clinical depression as well as after I had recovered. I told Bishop Gregor that I was looking forward to working in a diocese where I would be helped to move on from the pain that I had been through.

I went home and I did not hear from the bishop for over two months. Eventually, I received a letter from him saying that he had been inclined to offer me a job until I mentioned that I would be looking for healing in my new situation. He told me that he had decided that I would not be welcome in his diocese because I would bring "too much baggage" with me.

I basically gave up on life after I read his letter. I had devoted my life to a lie. The fake news that the Church and its God cared. What a fucking waste.

I hope that Bishop Gregor enjoys his voluntary retirement a lot more than I have "enjoyed" my enforced one.

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