The People From A Land They Were Not Born In

I have just watched a BBC documentary about some of the problems faced by young men of Pakistani descent living in Bradford, England. All of the young people in the film had been born in England yet throughout the programme the presenter, whose father had moved to England from Kashmir in the early eighties, referred to them as Pakistani men or, occasionally, as British Pakistani men. They were not once referred to as English or, simply, as British but, if some racist thug was to tell them to go home, they would, quite rightly, claim they were home and that they were "as English" as the person harassing them. The paradox of this situation clearly shows that race is ultimately unreal. I suggest that if the human race truly wants to get on together we need to stop respecting our tribes and regarding them as sacrosanct because tribalism is the single biggest contributor to the pain and suffering in the world.

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